Recent changes to legislation in many countries require Food and Beverage (F&B) manufacturers to document their processes and make sure that F&B products are grown, harvested, processed and then packaged in accordance with the appropriate guidelines. But for the Food and Beverage manufacturers to meet their business challenges, they require a complete enterprise automation system like an ERP to handle all their business operations seamlessly.

This is where an ERP for Food and Beverage Industry comes to the fore, supporting the F&B Industry and delivering a broad spectrum of capabilities specifically designed for this vertical. An ERP system serves as the nervous system of a company. Therefore, businesses in the Food and Beverage Sector must consider the significant advantages of deploying Food and Beverage ERP Software like infobase system. So, let us take a quick check of the factors that really matter:

Specifically Designed ERP for Food Industry

An ERP Software specifically created for the Food and Beverage Industry makes its implementation quicker and seamless. For instance, manufactures of bread and bakery products face a different set of challenges than the dairy manufacturers. Specialized ERP Systems for the F&B Industry incorporate superior processed from other businesses and have best practices built into the system. ERP for Food and Beverage Industry, therefore, enhance the business processes in an F&B enterprise; one good example being the traceability of perishable raw materials. An ERP system that is apt for the Food Industry addresses all the traceability requirements.

Functional Scope of the ERP System

As a fundamental tool for business management, it is quintessential that the ERP System is versatile and comprehensive enough to cover the complete function of an enterprise can automate a wide range of functions across departments. Otherwise, standalone systems will be needed to automate functions not covered by the ERP for Food Processing Industry. This will either result in innumerable interfaces between the different systems or will lead to multiple data entry points which are prone to human errors. Alternatively, the various systems will not communicate with each other and create isolated islands of information in the F&B enterprise thereby defeating the very purpose of enterprise automation.

Extendibility of the ERP Software

A contemporary ERP System should be modular in design and completely future-ready. Many times, enterprises face budget constraints and are not able to go ahead with an enterprise-wide ERP implementation. A modular ERP enables an enterprise to automate its business processes module by module over a period of time. Secondly, the ERP should be built using robust technology platforms so that integration (current or future) with other applications/devices like bar-code scanners, biometric attendance systems, etc. is seamless.

Stability and Reliability of the ERP Software

You should consider/evaluate an ERP Solution which is a mature product with a proven track record. It should have been successfully implemented for several enterprises across diverse verticals including F&B. The ERP vendor should be able to demonstrate his capabilities specifically suited for the Food and Beverages industry in general and your business in particular. The ERP provider should also be capable of supporting the solution with updates, patches, and plug-ins for a long period of time.

Flexibility of Deployment

The ERP for Food and Beverage Industry which you are considering for your business should not curtail your freedom of deployment. It should be freely deployable On-Premise or On-Cloud as per your requirement. It is important to have this flexibility because your current requirement might change with your business growth or with unexpected technology advancements in the future.

Automating Quality Control

Managing the quality of the product is just as important as managing the manufacturing process. A Food and Beverage ERP software like Infobase System provides an integrated quality management system that lets you define and maintain the inspection plans and collect the results during the entire manufacturing processes.

Infobase System is Future-Ready, state-of-the-art ERP specially designed for the Food and Beverage Industry. It has enabled multiple enterprises across diverse geographies and verticals to transform the way they do business. Today, Infobase System ERP powers over US$ 40 Billion in Sales globally per annum.