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Chetu boasts a talent pool of over 1,400 software developers, each possessing extensive knowledge of one or more of the programming languages listed below. Reach out to us right now to discuss your software development project needs, the skill gaps you're looking to bridge, and how we can help you overcome your specific business IT obstacles.

UX Designer

Wireframes, scenarios, storyboards, satisfyingly good experiences… Your work is the foundation of exceedingly good looking apps.

Reactive Native Developer

You have deep knowledge of the latest JS standards, are a tinkerer at heart, and are somehow able to keep up with the speed at which this framework is evolving.

UI Designer

Building beautifully engaging, highly polished interfaces from nothing but a set of wireframes and the inside scoop on a few experiences.

Product Manager

Web & Mobile, we’re looking for people with experience in solving real world problems with software. Experience in the field is a must.

Frontend Developer

You understand Javascript (& it’s quirks), and have a deep understanding of React, Vue, Angular(>2) or Ember. Good enough is not good enough for you.

Devops Engineer

Automation of processes related to building and maintaining dev environments (using Ansible and Docker), CI, Security. You are an automator.

Scrum Master

You’ve worked with Agile / Scrum, and you’ve managed IT projects before. You’re able to get into the clients mind and help steer project to success. A team motivator too!

Data Scientist – ML

Collaborate with strong teams of engineers and product managers in defining the frontier of machine learning in modern enterprise applications. Each use case is different.

QA Specialist

You are the gatekeeper to quality across web and mobile. You test new functionality, and interface with Product owners and Devs. You also want to learn how to automate tests.

Full Stack Developer

You’re front and back, but probably more of the latter. GraphQL / Firebase / Laravel + React / Vue / Angular… You’re comfortable around this tech, and a fast learner.

Business Analyst

No industry or business model is beyond you, and you’re not afraid of understanding what hasn’t yet been defined. You simplify the complicated for those around you.

Blockchain Developer

We’re particularly passionate about blockchain, and we’re looking for likeminded individuals. Enjoy ripping apart the repo’s out there of massively overfunded ICO projects? join us.

Client Manager

You’re somebody that can build and nurture relationships with people across the world. Sales and client side thinking is your gift, purpose built solutions and dreams your tools.

Backend Developer

Fluency in C#, Java, JS, or PHP, and expertise in relational databases and schema design. API Guru. Played with GraphQL? Any front-end is of course a plus!

SEO Expert

You’re results driven, fluent in google analytics, and aggressively track google’s algorithm changes. If quizzed on a SEO play for squirrels, you’d have a pretty stellar answer.